Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – The State in 2019

As with each industry today, marketing is turned upside down in the ongoing digital transformation. Imagine the long journey marketing did in the last decades.

From broadcasting ads like via television or billboards to a completely personalized customer, experience is a very long way. In addition, many companies did not even start the journey.

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A look at Germany’s AI Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really nothing new. The field of AI research was founded in 1956.
To date, this field has been always covered with huge expectations. Phases of a hypes alternated with AI winters.

Surely we are in such a hype phase but Google CEO Sundar Pichai is also right, when he says AI is bigger than the invention of fire and electricity.

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Autonomous Cars – An Overview

Autonomous Cars are a big thing.

They are the best example of a revolution, which is hitting us at full speed: The new decentralization wave, also known as Edge Computing.

Nowadays automobile manufacturers are ridiculed as old economy by the tech scene (a.k.a the new economy).

However, the ongoing revolution clearly plays into the hands of the old economy.

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