Is the Apple Vision Pro a Gamechanger for the Industry?

Recently, the Apple Vision Pro was announced, which many experts expect to be a gamechanger.

However, I will explain in this article why the product tends to appeal to a certain user group only.

A potential Gamechanger for the Mixed Reality Industry?

Apple is known for not inventing potential gamechangers, but perfecting them. Smartphone first mover Nokia can sing a song about this.

At the 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), a long-awaited mixed reality headset has now been announced for 2024.

Will it be another gamechanger in the successful history of Apple products?

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

Let us first get an overview of what the Apple Vision Pro is.

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset from Apple.

It has two 4K displays with 23 million pixels and uses hand tracking and voice inputs. It has no controller and an external battery pack with a battery life of two hours.

The headset runs on VisionOS and has a similar design to other Apple products.

Apple’s closed system approach is not only seen in the operating system, but also in the hardware. The M2 chip is built in, which Apple designs itself and has manufactured by TSMC.

Who will use the new Headset?

A look at the price alone reveals that the Apple Vision Pro is not a product for the mass market: $3,499.

The name with the suffix Pro also suggests a special user group.

Some voices claim that the technology is not yet ready for the vision of using mixed reality in everyday life. The initial mixed reality vision is a slim pair of glasses that enriches our everyday life with information in a helpful way.

In this respect, Apple’s first mixed reality product will first appeal to enthusiasts and hardcore fans with the appropriate budget.

Quality of App Store will decide whether the Apple Vision Pro becomes a Gamechanger

The statements regarding available apps diverge.

Some say that the killer apps are missing, especially those that are specifically designed for the headset.

Others, however, say that the entire existing AppStore is open and that the Disney+ experience in particular is supposed to be breathtaking.

Despite being addressed to a small user group, I believe that the product will be a success and will lead to a spread of Mixed Reality in our everyday life. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to let me know here or on Twitter.

Last but not least, here is also an informative Video with first impressions.

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