Fabian Schmidt
Fabian Schmidt

Hello, I’m Fabian Schmidt, the founder of Homo Digitalis.

I have an extensive background in IT and manufacturing technology currently work as Head of Software Engineering in the Electronics Production of a leading sensor company.

I’m an inventor and have filed patents for Cross Machine Data Analytics and Dynamic Sensor Parametrization.

I’m recognized as Top 100 Industrie 4.0 / IIoT Influencer as well as a Top 150 Influencer on Environmental Sustainability.

Homo Digitalis is a blog and micro-enterprise, offering services around influencer marketing, consulting and content marketing with a focus on IT, IoT and IIoT.

Clients come from various industries, like Adobe, IBM, VMWare, Lenovo, Kingston and Ness Digital Engineering.

Homo Digitalis is on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. Reach us via mail with fs @ homo – digitalis . net

Personally, I’m also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well.

Some of the content is sponsored/paid by Industry leaders, what I will state accordingly. Nevertheless this blog aims to share knowledge and experience, so that wisdom grows in all of us.

Contributors are always welcome, if you also like to share your valuable insights.

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