The Gigantic Size of the Global IT Economy

The Global IT Economy is the backbone of our modern society. Discover this complex world in the compelling infographic contained in this article.

We live in times in which we are inseparably interwoven with the global IT economy.

Yet it is easy to take for granted the global network and the millions of digital services on top of it.

Just think about the fact that Google is older than the people who come of age now, in 2019.

But the truth is that this massive system that is the internet relies on an enormous infrastructure. All things digital that make our lives so much easier – ecommerce, email, online banking, 4G network, and instant communicators, to name a few – are incredibly complex.

Even long neglected industries such as manufacturing are now quickly entering the IT arena with trends such as Industry 4.0.

The enormous infrastructure exists and functions thanks to the many incredibly smart and dedicated people put centuries of work into them. You probably are well aware that time is money and therefore we really sit on the top of a golden mountain.

The Awe-Inspiring Stats Behind The Global IT Economy, 2019 in One Infographic

Check out the infographic below to see exactly how the money flows through the IT world to better our existence. In addition, upcoming trends such as AI, Blockchain and IoT are depicted vividly.

Global IT Economics in one beautiful infographic. Many hours went into the creation of this brilliant piece of information. Thank you for this Tech Jury

Header Image Source: Pixabay, Pixabay License

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