How Smart Factories Benefit From Digital Twins

Today, the term Digital Twin is ubiquitous.

Four years ago, I had my first personal contact with this concept. I attended the VDI conference “Big Data in Manufacturing”, where a General Electrics (GE) manager presented the well-known example of the transformation of GE’s business model in the aircraft turbine market.

Autonomous Cars – An Overview

Autonomous Cars are a big thing.

They are the best example of a revolution, which is hitting us at full speed: The new decentralization wave, also known as Edge Computing.

Nowadays automobile manufacturers are ridiculed as old economy by the tech scene (a.k.a the new economy).

However, the ongoing revolution clearly plays into the hands of the old economy.

Industrie 4.0 Is All About Speed

Visit four doctors, and you’ll come home with five diagnosis.
This saying can be transferred to the term Industry 4.0, where everybody has its own definition.
Back in 2011 when the term Industrie 4.0 was introduced by the german government institution BMBF […]

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