Sunday Tech Revue: NVIDIA Omniverse for Industry 4.0

Welcome, dear readers, this Tech Revue is about thoughts on NVIDIA Omniverse for Industry 4.0, interesting hardware news for the metaverse and more.

NVIDIA Omniverse for Industry 4.0

NVIDIA has been a celebrated stock market darling for years. Rightly so, because the company not only delivers top products, but also pursues a promising vision in an industry that will be one of the winners in the future anyway.

Recently there have been some interesting news around the topic of metaverse, which I also reported on:

The already somewhat longer announced vision of the Omniverse looks in this light again completely differently. And as I wrote in another article, companies from the gaming industry are actually the most obvious players for the metaverse.

NVIDIA’s vision, in contrast to Meta’s ex Facebook’s vision, is aimed at industry and thus wants to become a major player in the Industry 4.0 megatrend. The digital twin will consistently play a central role in this. But see for yourself:

The Matrix Has You

Speaking of the metaverse, I came across an incredibly cool video by Keijiro Takahashi on Twitter. He shows how the sensors of the iPhone 13 Pro Max see the world.

It looks completely Matrix-like and I think it’s an interesting look at how reality is merging with the digital:

In Other News

  • Metaverse: Sony stated a VCSELs breakthrough. These lasers could lead to next generation AR and VR displays. Interesting development on the hardware front, which are also urgently needed, as I show here.
  • Crypto: The crypto market was shaken up once again, after new and dangerous SARS-COV2 Omicron emerged on Friday.
  • IOTA: In a second article this week, I tried to digest the big announcement from the Shimmer Network asking why IOTA needs staking. More news IOTA related, the Foundation announced an EU Collaboration to support health organizations in the challenge facing cyber threats.
  • Chip Industry: Having already dumped Intel as a supplier and designed a world-class chip with the M1, Apple is now going even more vertical. According to several sources, Apple will allegedly launch its own 5G modems as early as 2023. This is certainly a blow for Qualcomm….

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful sunday.

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