VMworld 2020: What not to miss

Summer is slowly ending and autumn is approaching with big steps.

It is a beautiful season in the northern hemisphere and with it comes the annual VMworld.

This is one of my favorite conferences for virtualization and cloud computing, hosted by VMware from September 29 to October 1.

However, this time everything is different. The novel coronavirus has turned the world upside down and the changes are omnipresent.

This applies to VMworld 2020 as well, which this year not only takes place exclusively online, but is also completely free of charge.

Seven Live Channels shape the VMworld 2020

With the free General Pass you will receive access to seven live channels with over 500 sessions.

If you are interested in a deeper technical engagement, the premier pass ($299) offers workshops, roundtables and much more on top of the General Pass.

Nevertheless, the free pass provides you with tons of content, as the seven live channels are:

  • Vision and Innovation
  • App Modernization
  • Digital Workspace
  • Intrinsic Security
  • Virtual Cloud Network
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Telco 5G

This is a list of highly exciting topics that are high on the agenda of every CIO. However, my personal highlight and recommendation is the channel App Modernization.

Modern Apps are Revolutionizing Enterprise IT

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about how modern apps will drive the Digital Transformation of companies. Admittedly, this was just before the full extent of COVID19 became visible.

Today the joke is widespread about who is the true driver of the Digital Transformation. The CEO, CIO or COVID19.

However, joking aside, today companies have great opportunities to make IT an enabler, not a corset.

For me the App idea plays a crucial role. Apps are a piece of software that do less thing, but better.

In contrast, the corporate IT landscape today is often characterized by monolithic systems, which often form the above-mentioned IT corset.

A Hybrid Approach

As I mentioned above, companies today have great tools at their hands. Software can be broken down into pieces, leveraging the Microservice architecture style.

This enables companies to get better software into production faster. By the way, this is actually a session on the first day (MAP2656).

However, if you are using Modern Apps based on containerized microservices, you will quickly realize that you need an appropriate infrastructure with orchestration and automation capabilities.

In addition, a cloud all-in approach alone will most likely not suit your business. Some workflows should run on-premise, while others easily run in the cloud.

In this context I will use VMworld to take a closer look at VMware‘s products, namely VMware Tanzu, VMware Cloud Foundation 4 and VMware vSphere 7. This portfolio spans across on-premise and the cloud, leverages Kubernetes and integrates naturally with VMWare‘s virtualization products in the data center.

If my article triggered your interest, you can register for the VMworld 2020 conference by clicking the following link.

Image Source: Pixabay, Pixabay License

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