How VPN Is Establishing Data Privacy

More and more users reap the benefits of VPN. This article explains the basics in a compelling infographic.

Privacy in a data-driven world

Data privacy is a big deal in today’s day and age. The need for privacy and compliance tools and regulations have come to the forefront. More importantly, the centralized structure of the internet has been the perfect loophole for hackers and data thieves.

As a result, it is imperative for internet users to take control of their private information and protect it from unauthorized access.

The path to more privacy and data protection

There are very few ways to ensure that your online activities, private details, and information are not compromised, leaked, or stolen. One of them is by using a virtual private network (VPN) service. According to the infographic below, a VPN is a security service that allows you to connect to the internet safely via a server that lets you hide your online activities.

In essence, a Virtual Private Network serves as an intermediary or middleman between you and the internet. Instead of directly connecting to the web, your data goes to the VPN server before connecting to the internet. Therefore, for internet activity trackers and loggers, the source of your activities and information is the VPN server and not your computer. Also, all the data you transfer to the server is encrypted, thereby serving as another level of protection.

There are various perks associated with using VPNs as a data defense systems on the internet. The proper utilization of VPNs guarantees online anonymity and security while boosting your access to unlimited content. 

Interestingly enough, there is an astounding correlation between using VPNs and accessing better content. As illustrated in the infographic below, 50% of VPN users have incorporated a server in order to access quality entertainment content. In addition, using VPNs helps reduce the cost of maintaining and repairing devices as it protects them from malware and viruses.

In this data-driven economy, there is no better way of protecting your identity and information than by accessing the top-notch VPN services which are quite affordable and readily available.

All you need to know about VPN in one brilliant Infographic

The infographic below is an introduction to the role of VPNs in this data-driven era, the benefits of using it, and different ways of identifying good services. Check it out to learn more.


Header Image Source: Pixabay, Pixabay License

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