Free NFT Drops: CryptoMarketNFT introduces first NFT Faucet

I was recently contacted on Twitter by the COO of CryptoMarketNFT. He introduced me to an interesting young crypto project that creates a marketplace and also offers free NFT drops. Attached is a summary from him in the form of an article:

There are many wonderful collections in the NFT world that are very popular and often very expensive, like the Adidas NFT Drop. I’m sure you’ve longed to get some of these nice NFT collectibles but couldn’t afford it. Today I would like to show you a way to get some of the NFTs for free!

What is a NFT Faucet?

Have you ever heard of FAUCETs?

Faucets were an idea that first existed on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Faucets are platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies by performing small tasks. Today, there are plenty of faucet in the world of traditional crypto currencies, but this is the first time there is an option to get free NFTs as well.

Did you know you can get Metaverse related NFTs for free every single day? Company CMF just started operating the first FAUCET of its kind!

Free NFT Drops
Free NFT Drops

Let’s explain exactly what the benefits of a FAUCET are and who this service is for. FAUCET is simple service for both collectors and artists whose interest is in Metaverse and creates NFT collections.

Every incoming collector have one chance a day to enter FAUCET and get one of the available NFTs.

All NFTs are stored on the Solana blockchain and can be verified on this adress: 9j6UeGerC2WYytum2pQ83qGpcYWa6rMH1RK8oKnXHn2M.

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Free NFT Drops

So, how does the free NFT Drops work? Basically, FAUCET continuously adds new NFTs provided via several partners and its own SOL budget.

CMF usually announce new NFT addition on their Twitter account here. Furthermore, NFTs are also visually shown in FAUCET service page here. In order to win free NFT you have to connect to service via several options: Phantom wallet, MetaMask wallet or via email confirmation link.

Here you can see the last NFT that was sent to the lucky winner.


In addition, CMF closed a partnership with Huobi global, RuffLife Rescues, and plan to expend its partnership much more! Are you artist, NFT collection or MetaVerse enthusiast do not hesitate to contact them on their email!

Furthermore, several releases of new services are planned this year including an own NFT multichain exchange, multichain NFT quant statistics platform, and even an own NFT MetaVerse contract!

Last but not least, all important information can be found on Twitter:

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