2020: Next Decade Tech Here We Come

The year 2019 is coming to an end quickly and with it a decade full of fascinating tech and transformations. But instead of looking backwards, let‘s take a look ahead and see what the new decade beholds. Here comes my personal list...

The year 2019 is coming to an end quickly and with it a decade full of fascinating tech and transformations.

But instead of looking backwards, let‘s take a look ahead and see what the new decade beholds. Here comes my personal list of technologies I‘d really love to see to break through.

Before we start, let me say how much I look forward to the upcoming decade. I am so excited to see which technological revolutions we can experience together.

5 Trends To Watch In The 2020s

The crazy thing about our times is that there are so many innovations and developments in so many different sectors going on, that it seems nearly impossible to bring this all together.

Therefore the following list is only a tiny and personal part of the big picture.

I‘d love to hear your point of view on my social media channels, as you will definitely have your own view on what will be hot in the upcoming decade.

Software Engineering 4.0

Yes I‘m a Head of Software Engineering and therefore I have to begin with this point.

Looking back at the past decade, I was, for example, very amazed by Microsoft‘s rapid transformation. 10 years ago, this company was known for it‘s opposition to open source. Now it‘s embracing it.

Today, building software on Windows and deploying them seamlessly to Linux VMs comes so natural, you don‘t even speak about it.

Apropos virtualization: The rise of containerization on the infrastructure side and microservices on the software architecture side allow the building of increasingly capable systems in shorter times.

At the same time more and more companies start to build and also sell software on their own. I realized this when I was on a Software Architecture Camp this year and nearly half of the attendees came either from big automotive or chemical companies.

Marc Andreessen was right when he predicted: Software is eating the world.

Energy Storage

It is no secret, that I‘m a big fan of renewable energy. My roof is covered with photovoltaic and instead of driving, you typically see me riding my E-Bike.

However, the biggest problem with this “infinite” source today is the discrepancy between production and consumption, resulting in the need to store energy. And to do this in an sustainable and economical way.

I‘m very sure, that the upcoming decades will bring up further interesting energy storage innovations and concepts like from this Swiss startup.


I was born in 1984 and sometimes I stop and think: We really live in the future. In my childhood Alexa or the IPhone were things we thought we would only ever see in our beloved Sci-Fi Movies.

Today we take them for granted. And same goes for drones.

What Drones are capable to do already today can be seen in this video from the Shenzen Talent Park in China.

The 2020s could be the decade of the Rise of Drones. Drones could become ubiquitous. They are valuable instruments in fight against crime, delivery (now live as pilot in Virginia, US), military, sports, farming and so many other application fields.

Air Taxis vs Robo Cars

When adding another lane won‘t help, will a robo driver?

Not only large cities are confronted with a complete traffic collapse.

When one considers the economic potential of time spent in a car, whether driving or standing in traffic jams, it quickly becomes clear how attractive new mobility solutions are. Not to mention personal well-being.

I will closely watch the developments of Self-Driving Cars, where Waymo is certainly a leader today. However, Level 5 autonomous cars are yet to be seen. Some experts even doubt the principal feasibility.

On the other hand, startups like Volocopter and Lilium have shown that air taxis are feasible. At least technically.

Maybe the biggest obstacles to „flying cars“ will be regulatory and security aspects.

Meta Computing

Meta computing is a term I just made up. What I mean with it, is the upcoming melting of different computing forms.

Today, cloud computing is very popular, but the stronger growth in the upcoming years will have the edge computing domain.

Meta computing is the convergence of at least those two fields. A good example are the ideas behind Gaia-X. I‘m really curious if those great concepts and ideas will become reality.

And so much more

AI, Quantum Computing, Medical Breakthroughs regarding cancer treatment or life extension, AR/VR, Blockchain, Quantum Entanglement Communication, 3D Printing, Space Tech…

The list could go on and on. It is not too much to say that highly exciting times lie ahead. But first I would like to wish you a peaceful holiday and a happy new year.

Header Image Source: Pixabay, Pixabay License

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